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hey - i never understood darts either until i made a stuffed said to sew the darts on the groin...had to look up both "darts" and "pig groin"...found you thru sew mama sew and am now trying your whirlygiggle tute...thank you! my blog is
nice to meet you and thanks again for the tutorial!


It's fun to try new things, isn't it? I like how your pincushion turned out! I bought that pincusion book and haven't made anything out of it yet. Maybe I should challenge myself to use the book this month. :)

~*~ Patty

What a fun pin cushion! Love yours! Thank you for sharing the pattern. I used to do more needlework and would love to get back to doing more again.


very creative, i love it.


ack!!! can you believe i've had that same pattern printed out for some time now...and i too got scared of the darts...of course mine would be "hand-stitched" darts...eeek.

you've inspired me to look at that pattern once again.

how about we challenge eachother for the next theme...who can make their pincushion first? :)


Hurray for tackling darts!!!!!!!!!!

Noca - Maria Fulo

I´ve done the same pattern!! I just have finished it at last weekend.. with orange felt.. and I used a support from another pincushion..

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