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Sending lots of hugs from here! I can relate to the frustration you are feeling. Hope you do get a chance to spend some quality "hanging out" time with hubby!


At least they aren't boys. Because the endless poo talk and physicality are enough to drive any Mama to the brink of sanity.

They should run 'sibling swap' instead of wife swap, then they'd appreciate what they've got!


Here! Here!


Yes, I am way behind on blogging again...but have a VERRRY good reason. :-)
YIKES! I do not have a ball winder so I use the backs of the kids little chairs (you know the kind that are at little kid tables). AND, my hank of Knit Picks S'mores was a mess about 1/2 way through. My husband even made a funny comment about it (should've taken a picture). Bleck. I hope that it worked out well for you. And I agree with Ali...the poo talk and talk of "butts, burps, farts" and other bodily noises is driving me insane (that and the bickering/wrestling....). Yes I am with you...grandma needs more time with them...yeah. Is there a travel package out some agency could make a lot of money with a "ship your kids to grandma's" travel special.


you should still go out with your hubby sometime! And you know, _some_ fighting makes the sweet times that much sweeter ;-)

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