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It's a great hat! I like doing the twisted rib stitch for hats. And I really like that Koolhaas hat. It's on my mental list of things to knit this year.


It's a great hat Michelle. My husband would love a hat like that. He likes gray too (and blue-gray, gray-green, brown) they're all the same to me.

Sometime I am going to sit down a figure out knitting!


Thanks for that - it's a lovely hat. My husband has asked me to knit a hat for him but he rejects anything even faintly "out there" - I hope this one will appeal to him - how could it not?


It is a great first FO of 2008. It is definitly a "manly" hat. :o)
It looks like it will be very stretchy too.


I made a very similar hat for my fiance for christmas. That koolhaas hat is GORGEOUS! I'm off to track that issue down, they're unfortunately sold out online.

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