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I know just what you mean. It's really hard to make gifts for talented, creative people. She'll love the burp cloths.


oh Michelle!! i've got tears in my eyes! and not pregnant hormonal tears, but the true "I'm so touched" by your kind words and generous gift kind of tears. you are so sweet! (and so right ON! it would take me forever to handstitch something like that!!) thanks so so much!!!!


I love your burp cloths. They really are the perfect baby gift. Kristin will love them!


Aww...those are super cute too. I am sure that it is very difficult to make something for someone who crafts! How nice to have had a day to yourself!!!!!


Cute burp cloths Michelle. Love them all. Will you share how to make them when my girls turn into baby factories? :)


Oh! These are great! I've seen them done with regular fabric (and almost got around to making some!) but I have oodles of flannel left from jammie bottom gifts this Christmas so this would be super! Thx

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