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You always have the most clever gift ideas. I enjoy reading your blog and watching your girls grow. I love the color theme photos/entries that you prepare.


Happy New Year!!


Your projects look terrific!!! I love the bag fabric you chose. Thanks for posting the link to the tutorial. I really like the shape of the bag. I hope you have a wonderful 2008!


Thank you very much for the lovely Christmas Party. The food was sumptuous and delicious. The kids are adorable. The adults are the warmest. And I love the tissue cover. I never have to have those old crumbled tissues in my purse anymore.
I am inspired to use cloth napkins from now on!

Have a great 2008!


Happy New Year to you & your beautiful family. Wishing you a healthy and happy. I really love your blog. I like that you are "real" and love your crafting ideas. I can relate to you. I have 3 kids, but mine are older (21, 18 & 13) It goes so fast. Enjoy your children now because before you know it they are out doing their own thing. You have gorgeous kids. You are doing a great job with them!!! My favorite picture of yours is the one with your youngest holding on to the van door and swinging. :o) Don't you wish you could do that too? Looking forward to another year with you. Keep up the great blog.


no need for a tidy wrap up of your accomplish so much it would be quite a chore to create a summary of it all. eyes on 2008 :) Happy New Year Michelle!!


All your handmade gifts are just lovely - I especially love the shopping bag. Great idea. Happy New Year!!


Wow! You continue to amaze me. :o) You did a great job on the cozies, and that will help with the going green effort for sure. Your scarf is wonderful, looks just like a pencil!
Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope that 2008 brings you much joy, happiness, and crafting!


Would love to know how you made the tissue covers and coffee cup cozy! Tutorial?? :)


Beautiful bag! I love the shape. I might have to try that one out sometime.

Happy New year to you my friend! I hope it is full of sweet sibling love, great health, lots of happiness and a huge dose of creative juice!


The bag design is great! I love your fabric!

jessica o

you made the scarf, it looks great! what did you think of the pattern, is there anything you would change?

Happy New Year

jessica o

forgot to mention I think the go green bags were a great idea for gifts


Those all came out great. I made my husband a shopping bag from that tutorial for Christmas, and I'm about to make a couple more with some new fabric I got.

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