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Aahhh! Those are really cute. And matching stripes too!


Very cute!

Junie Moon

What a wonderful project! They would also make great little Christmas stockings for a dollhouse. Your project is a winner in my book!


Holy moly those are adorable and inquiring minds do want to know how long the yarn picking out took. :)

aurora fox

Hi--I love these minature socks!--would you be interested in a trade for one of my "inchie" brooches?
you can see some of them here:
just scroll down
of if not a trade--do you sell them?


Wow! (somebody already said my 'holy moly') Those are amazing, so cute! I bet your daughters think they have THE best mom :)


You and you're amazing micro-knitting! I'm looking forward to finding a spot for my teeny tiny hat again this year.


OMG how cute!


i'm speechless. and yes, i can imagine how long it took you to find yarn lengths with similar colors. these itty bitty's are sososo cute! well worth piercing that ear again soon :)


too cute for words! and would definately be worth piercing that ear again :)


How adorable! And I recognize that fabric back there...


So super cute and so super small! I haven't put earrings in my ears for a loooong time. Ever since I had my first kid, I guess. I think because they would try to pull them out. I'm afraid they are closed up by now.


I know this is old, but I would love to make a trade or buy some of these from you. :)

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