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It may not make you feel better, but you just summed up exactly how I feel at the moment. And from talking to friends, we are far from alone ...


Your tree is so pretty! What kind of lights do you use?

Having no space of your own and trying to create wonderful things is tough! Add little girls that need things on top of it and I totally get why you're feeling grumpy.


I completely know that feeling. COMPLETELY. I hope that you are feeling better soon. Right now even my sewing table is crammed into my bedroom with barely any walking space (can I mention that hubby has HIS OWN OFFICE...and is gone for a year....while I look to tote bags, underbed boxes, and the kitchen table for space). :-(
Right there with you.


I feel exactly the same way. At least you have the lights up on your christmas tree. Mine has been standing here naked all week.


I'm sorry Michelle. I'm feeling the same. Very bah humbuggish!! It's the time thing. I'm late on a swap, still have another to make and haven't though once about decorations or gifts. I hope you (and me) are feeling better soon! And I hope you get more space for yourself (maybe santa is listening).


oh my goodness. this could have been a post written by me. I'm feeling the exact same way...
BUT--the good news is, we got a fantastic package in the mail from YOU!! thank you for the hat, which I love. it look very european on her (at least to me). And the horse purse was a BIG time hit and I love the sweet little crown.
You are too good to our little family! thank you over and over!!!!

Amy :)

It sounds like there's a lot of us feeling this same way. I'm in the same boat, but one of these days I'll get myself in gear, shake the blues and sign up for one of these swaps you're always posting about. I love swaps!

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