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29 movies, 21 books.
I love lists too. I'm now thinking I should print these and see if I can see and read them all. Well, that may be a little much...


I've been working on seeing the movies from the AFI 100 list for a couple of months. Right now I'm watching The Bridge on the River Kwai. (I can't seem to find enough time to watch it all at once!) It's been a lot of fun.

There are so many of those books that I've heard of yet haven't read. I need to get busy!


I love lists too! It seems like I get more done when I use a list - probably wishful thinking ;)!

Rebecca F.

I have a little girl at home too and if I had to translate the last word, I'd guess "hanger".

Cute post!


I love checking things off the list when they're done :)

Junie Moon

How adorable that she made a shopping list for Ikea--I hope all her goals were met.

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