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I'm not sure what it is about those books, either. But they sure are fun to look through. I hope the girls are feeling better.


Ooh, that blue smock thrid from the top is beautiful!!

Hope you're all feeling better now. xo


I tell ya, I tell ya, I know the feeling. I just placed an order for 3 more today and have 3 more on my wishlist because I was making myself stick to a limit. :)

I do hope that all is well in your home and everyone is better. Happy crafting!


They are addictive aren't they?! I've set myself a new rule, make 3 things from each craft book (or at least inspired by...) before I can buy the next one.

It's working(ish).

crafty carolinagirl

I am totally with you on this.

I have four on my shelf already, and will be looking for some of the ones you have listed as well. I just love the little felt house!


Oh my!! I deperately want some Japanese craft books! I have not a single one! I just salivate over images that all of you lucky folks in blogland post. Hmmmmm, MUST...GET...ME...SOME!!!


Lovely! I'm addicted to knitting books, magazines, craft books, etc. Oy.


I have to agree they are addicting. I just never get tired of looking at them. The gingerbread house above is adorable.


I love that gingerbread house! Except, I can't find the ISBN anywhere.

(Er, not that I need to buy it or anything.)

Can you double check it?


Wow, those are some great patterns!! Crafting books are addictive (no matter what language they are written in).
I hope that everyone is feeling better!


i LOVe that blue denim smock/top. I actually think I could make and wear that one! have you tried??!


Ohh I know the feeling, I( have two and they tell me I have to buy them some friends soon. I have to listen to them, they're very wise.


I haven't let myself delve into that world. it scares me what would happen. it really scares me. so it is nice when I get to sneak a peek...thanks for sharing the photos.

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