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OK - I bit the bullet and read it (you know these things are my weakness). I figured - you had to live it, the least I can do is read it and give you a big long distance mama hug. Sickness 2x over with medicine resistant babes -- yuck. o. Sorry sorry. Yes - you got your flus done early so everyone will be princessy and happy at the wedding. No worries!

Junie Moon

I'll think good thoughts for everyone to be well again. I was one of those recalcitrant children who refused to take medicines and drove my mother mad. Obviously I haven't any helpful suggestion to make about this considering my own continued resistance to taking medications.


I'm so sorry the girls are sick! Did Rebecca have a bad experience with medicine before? I finally had to start giving E suppositories because she always threw up the liquid. (Not because she didn't want to take it, but because it upset her stomach when she was already throwing up.)


If she's just taking tylenol to deal with the fever, I'd personally not work so hard on getting it into her (I am a very lazy mama *smile*). Fever is scary but actually good- it's fighting the infection.

Hope everyone gets well quickly!


We've been doing the fever thing this weekend with Johnny. Fortunately he is in love with his medicine. Hope the worst is over for you.


You've been tagged on my blog

You don't have to play if you don't want to, I won't be offended.

Rebecca F.

Maybe try one of those nipple medicine dispensers they have for babies? My 6 year old has a fit too so I feel for you.

I hope you all feel better soon. And I loved the tutorial. Thank you!



Hugs from across the ocean! I can really feel for you. Is there any way you can 'hide' the medication in a drink perhaps by mixing it in (that works sometimes with my eldest). Wishing your girls a speedy recovery to full health and lots of time for your to rest and recover too!


Hope everyone is better soon!


Awww, that really stinks!! I hope they are on downward slope to recovery right now. Hugs!

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