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Your work is absolutely beautiful!!! I really wished we lived close to each other so you could teach me. My grandma hooked rugs and I was always interested in learning how to do it. I had some supplies and a book, but I think most of that is gone now.


Michelle, your rugs are absolutely fantastically gorgeous. It's not a craft I know anything about, but the end results are gorgeous.


Wow, look at those lovely rugs! I love the colors of the granny squares. Off to embroider a button...

Junie Moon

I've never learned how to hook rugs but would like to try it someday. The problem is that there are about a zillion things I want to try. If only I could clone myself.


What a beautiful craft...and your first rug is incredible. My mother hooked rugs, and she used to go to church rummage sales or Goodwill to find her wool, which she would dye at home and then cut into strips. She made one incredible rug in 1976 that I wanted SOOOO badly just a few years ago. It turns out she sold it in a garage sale because she thought that no one would want it!


What a lovely story about Gini. And your rugs are gorgeous! I especially love to make something useful that would be expensive to purchase already made, and rugs really fit the bill!


What a beautiful story! It must of been such a wonderful experience. I always wonder what I did with all my free time and money before the kids came around. Baffling!


i love rug hooking too!!
I made a rug for my mom years ago and it is still hanging on the wall of her house. She passed away 2 years ago and it makes me sad to think of taking it out of her home and bringing it into mine but I know that is what she would want me to do.(i think it's funny you wrote about this because I was just thinking about rug hooking today.)
It doesn't have to be expensive either-I used recycled wool from thrift store clothing and you can also use a very large embroidery hoop until your kids get older.
mine looked very primitive but really nice-you would never had known it was recycled pair of pants or an old wool jacket

Alicia A.

These rugs are simply amazing. What talent you have!

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