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Aww what cute pictures! What is it with kids and little boxes? Hee hee! :)


How sweet!! :)


She is a doll. I love the pic in the box.


Bonnie Minor

as you can see - I'm jumping around your archives... and came across this just now and it really hit home.

"Becca starts Kindergarten in one week, and I've been looking through some of her old photographs, feeling nostalgic and missing the days when we didn't butt heads ten times before noon."

My oldest daughter Nora soon to be 4 in June and I butt heads all the time too! I can completly understand the frustration as it drives me so nuts lately! I keep telling her that her whining makes me cranky and if she doesn't wnat a cranky momma to quit the whining! however it isn't working... for either of us. :(

Please tell me it gets better! ;)~bonnie

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