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Michelle, what a great post. You really touched me.


Such wisdom and truth in your words, Michelle.

You are writing your story in the lives of your beautiful girls. There may be time to record a story, but what you are doing now is the most important.


Michelle – what a lovely tribute to authors everywhere and to your daughter. It’s interesting to me the different turn of events each of our lives take, whether it be spiritually, emotionally or what have you. I think keeping a journal is an excellent idea. I have thought of doing that myself too many times to mention, though I have yet to be serious about it. Perhaps now is as good as time as any. My children are all going to be teenagers by the end of this year, so perhaps I should write about the journey of parenting teenagers. Stay tuned! ;-)


What a beautiful post, Michelle! I'm glad that you are a happier person now! It can be hard being a teenager - it was for me.

When I became pregnant with E, I started writing in journals. It felt like I was connecting with her since I couldn't really talk with her. Eventually, I didn't have time to write and ended up stopping. Maybe now that she's turning into a teenager, I should start writing again. Although, I hope we'll still be able to talk. :)


What has your mother written? Anything I would have heard or, or would like to read?


by a chance I stumbled upon this journal today, it really caught me...and this post moved me dearly. thank you for sharing your thoughts

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