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Super cute. I like the idea of a tutorial as a blog entry. I'd sure like to learn how to eat--i mean, make--those decorative oreo cookies!

Amy :)

SO cute, and so easy! With projects like these I always get hung up in starting them, thinking they're going to take all day. Thanks for your tutorial!


What a wonderful idea!!! I love it - how did you ever come up with that. I think I may try to make one today. :)


Wow! Those are great! I'm totally stealing that!


Aren't these great?! I usually stick a couple in with each package I send out. Great tutorial!


excellent tutorial!


Hey those are awesome! I am too gonna try it. Great tutorial.

mary jane

These are great! Thanks! I'm putting an olive on mine.


what an adorable notepad! great tutorial.


Holy Cow! I have to try that. I love notebooks for everything and these are so much cooler than any I've seen for a while. I will have to do this with my kids!! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!


Ok I made some and these are so fun. I am cutting a bunch out for my kids to do tomorrow. It is so simple. I can see them passing these in school instead of notes. Hee Hee.

Kansas A

Those are the cutest! Great tutorial!

Sairey Gamp

These are so cute I immediately had to make some myself.

I had the card and the origami paper laying around. I used out-of-date letterhead from work for the pages -- gorgeous heavy rag paper. Thanks for the inspiration!


I can't wait to try this out.


Thanks for the tutorial! I'd never made these before, but they're totally fun!


getting started tomorrow! thanks so much!


these are sooo fun to make! for a more recycled look, i have been cutting the cardboard from food packages that would normally get thrown away and using that instead. (ex, pop tart boxes, crackers, etc.) my son loves them and i may just have to make 24 or so for his last day of school. thanks for such a great tutorial. by the way, a crochet hook is the way to go for scoring the covers, that's all that i had handy too. heehee

Good article

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