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This wonderful... I love these photos :))))


This was our house one morning last week! And green, also. Very cute, but oh so frustrating. :)

Judy Gregory

Kids DO wash more easily than the carpet....I still have this conversation about NOT writing on your skin with my 8 YO. When will they learn?????

Kirsty Campion

That is just the cutest face!! Butter wouldn't melt !!!


Don't kids just love pens!!


Oh my! Do I remember those days! Hahaha. She is too cute (even colored green). :) One time my hubby was watching Grumpy Boy and well, he was about the same age...and he decided to color our white linoleum (base housing)floor with ORANGE crayons! Thank goodness for baby wipes too, you wouldn't believe the things those suckers clean up!!!

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