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I just love reading what people say when the've been tagged. I didn't like ocean's eleven, I spent so much money on sweets popcorn, coffee etc.. that I left the cinema halfway though .It would have cost me a fortune to buy enough stuff to eat until the film finished to keep me occupied!!!


Hi! I enjoyed all of your answers. I am glad that you wanted to participate! I just had to tag you. I love the quilts that you have planned. I just checked out a book at the library about making quilts with scraps. I have saved scraps of every material from every project I have made for my kids. I would love to make a quilt from all of these scraps. I think that it would be a great quilt to tell stories with. Any suggestions? I didn't know that you quilted! :) Have a wonderful day!


I started a Dear Jane Quilt six years ago.....all in Cvil War abrics. I've almost finished the two outer rows of squares (not the border though) and love doing it although it is taking so long.
We moved home two years ago and that stopped the momentum, but I am hoping to get back to it next winter.
I haven't found any quick way to do the individual is all paper piecing, either applique for some blocks, or the English Patchwork method for the rest. But deeply, deeply satisfying!

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