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Melissa G

My son started 2nd grade this year also. My daughter started her first year of Jr. High. I still get goose bumps and can't believe she is 13 already. Hope their second day back was a great one as well.


Look how tall they are! I totally understand about having the time of the day to run errands and stay sane!


OH MY GOSH....where has the time gone!!! Well, from a woman who has a 33, 31 and 28 year old, I guess I kind of know! I loved seeing the girls. They are SO big! Wow, I bet it's been a couple of years, at least, since we've seen each other, huh? I haven't even checked blogs much so I guess I better get in gear so I can keep up. Love, love, LOVE the apples. Hope you get an earful after school. :)


When did they get so big?!?! I can't believe J is going into 2nd grade. It's like I fell asleep for a couple of years and just woke up.

I hope you get into your routine easily!


Oh, Michelle! They are growing so fast! Look at them~ young ladies. I love your tradition of a love softie. So sweet!

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