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See Michelle, you are way cooler than me, because I've never heard of any of the creatures! Probably because I don't have an iphone. Looks like something my kids would love though. You are so awesome for making all those characters! That cake is pretty amazing too!


These are too cute! And so are your girls! What a fun party theme.


amazing party!!!
i would like having these angry birds for my x'mas gift. since my birthday's gone. two girls look so cute.


So much fun!!! The birthday boy likes the pigs the best?! Those little pigs make me so mad with their smirking smiles. :)

Zakka Life

I was just reading your post and the next thing I knew, my kids were crowding around me to look at your crocheted Angry Birds. They really like them!

The cake is awesome. Looks like a wonderful birthday party.


Philip would be so jealous (he is Michelle's 19 month-old nephew). He seriously got 3-stars on two levels while we watched him! I can't even clear one level.

Download Angry Birds PC

Wow the crochet plushies look amazing and the cake looks like it was made by the cake boss :)
A great idea and so much fun.

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