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Wow, I love those! Have you tried felting any?


Your tutorial is great! And weaving in end *is* almost as bad as sewing up seams. :)


Hey, I think I can actually do this! Thanks Michelle! Another great tutorial.


I'm going to try with my new-found crochet skills.


Thanks for entering my giveaway! And wow -- I just spent about 20 minutes looking at that neat kids activity blog you linked to! Thanks for the heads up -- another one to go in my google reader.... :)

Shelly G.

I love the little flowers... very very cute... I can think of a lot of uses for them:)

frazzy dazzles

Wow! Thanks for the tutorial. I have on my list of things for this winter...learn to knit, conquer crochet. Thanks for the tips! Jen


thank you for posting this! seems so easy and fast. :)


Sweet lil tutorial. Thanks. Can I add the link to the new yahoo group I started for Hand-Dids?


Wow!!! They're adorable! I'm going to give it a try! :)


Fabulous! You make this look quite simple!


Hi! Thanks! This flower is adorable! How can I make the actual petals bigger? Thank you!


i'm fairly new to crochet, but i truly think i can handle this...thanks!!


Thank you so much for showing us how to make these great tutorial.
hugs ginger

Jill Kaplan

very cute flowers. But I'm a beginner in crocheting. What is a magic circle and how do you do it? When I clicked on it, it went to You Tube where I couldn't find the tutorial. Thanks. Jill Kaplan


So cute and easy - I make jewelry and accessories and this is an awesome demo and thanks for the intro to the "magic circle" technique - I can SO use that when I play with my own flower designs - tanks again!


Do you have a headband pattern for babies? I mean a baby headband pattern. I guess I'm a baby when it comes to chrocheting!


That magic circle is genius! Thanks for the tutorial!

baby gifts

Amazing! I wasn't able to make it when I taught by a friend. I've just finish one flower just by looking at this.


That's really neat. The possibilities look endless.



I needed easy violets for my new granddaughter's baby afghan. Perfect! Thanks so much.

Geography Dissertation

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

florist Philippines

I really want to know more about crocheted.Thanks for sharing this tutorial.



I love this pattern. It is so easy and the video is great, easy to understand. Thanks for sharing.


man I can't get it :(

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