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Great idea! Thanks for the tutorial; especially love the way you used the brads. I think I might make some of these for the girls in my book club.


Fabulous idea!


Wow! These are terrific! Thanks for sharing!

Mel M. M. M.

Amazing! Your projects, tutorials, & photos are all pure art. Amazing! I'm SO glad I found your blog. I hope it's alright that I linked you on my blog roll. :0) Thanks for the amazing inspiration!


thanks for posting. I'm going to make them for Christmas presents.


Ooh, what a great idea!


Thanks for the great tutorial! I think your photos are perfect, and so are the instructions!


What a lovely idea - simple,inexpensive and quick to put together in bulk, but really cute and practical. All the best features of a handmade gift!


Great tutorial. Nice idea for Mother's Day gifts for my co-workers. A mini-sharpie pen would complete the gift.


I hope the producers at the Martha Stewart show see this--Martha loves post its and it would be a good segment!

Rafa Hübner

This looks great!


These are ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing.


Great idea. Very cute. I'm going to file this idea away for later.


This is really great. Your instructions are super easy to follow too. :D Thank you for posting this. I'm definitely making this for my teacher.


I made these! I love them! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I linked to it on my blog - please feel free to stop by and say hi!


ok...i can't read any more back posts because this is the LAST cute thing i'm going to earmark to make. love the closures! xxx


So Cute! Thanks for sharing!

MaryNSC #1121

OOO thank U I made one.I made it for my Husbands pace maker nurse thank U!!!
I had found her a golf Ink Pen Now this will finish it off perfect..


Amazing! I am going to make some asap - I'm always in need of sticky pads but I always end up ruining half the deck when the little pages fly out after getting shoved under something. Thank you!

Bonnie Sharp

Just found this link from Allison's Scrappin' When I Can blog.....fabulous tutorial to make some!


I just LOVE these. TFS


What a great project, love it! Got linked up to you from Allison's stampin' when I can... thank you for sharing!


Wonderful tutorial! Great idea! Thank you very much for sharing!


Thanks, for the great idea! I was looking for something different to use for wedding favors and used them with a thank you note on the first page.


These are such a great idea- and so easy, too!

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