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This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!


What a great idea. I'd keep something like that in my purse.


What a lovely idea. I like seeing them all stacked together.


god bless, why were you not around when i was in kindergarten??? my classmates' moms NEVER did cool stuff like this for us!
your daughters are going to be the coolest girls in school because their mom is so crafty.

Michele C

Great gift idea! I always hated buying toys for my kids' friends when they were little. So, I would go down the office supply aisle and fill a bag with sticky notes, paper clips, tape, pens, etc. Invariably, after the kid opened a bunch of toys or high-priced items, he would open ours and yell out, "TAPE! I've got my own tape!" I love having thought of the best present!

Sister Diane

Lovely idea, and great tutorial! Thanks for sharing this.


hi michelle! i love this idea - way cute!

Rebecca F.

Oh my.

Thanks so much for this. I absolutely LOVE IT. I teach preschool and think this idea is marvelous. Thanks for taking the time to share it. I would have never thought of the idea myself.


Rebecca F.


Very cute Michelle.


How cute are those??!


That is a FABULOUS idea - thank you!


Those are so cute, Michelle! I bet the kids loved them.


I LOVE these! Thanks for the tutorial. You did a really nice job with it.

Mary-- The Yellow Door Paperie

These are adorable! Such a great idea! Can I post a link to this on my blog?

Kristin Doyle

Wow! Impressive idea. Thanks.


Great idea and a really neat tutorial! Love your blog!


Oh these are really cute. I've been trying to find something to go with the crayon rolls I'm making for party favors for my son's birthday party.


LOVE THIS! Great tutorial. I am in charge of staff appreciation for my daughter's school this year and looking for cheap and fun gifts to give throughout the year. This would be great!!!!

Psalm 118:24 Living For Today!

Totally cool!


this is so COOL!!!!


SOOOOOO spectacular! I still have one of the small ones you made for me.


Fab idea - i have just made up one up for my 11 yr old daughter - well written instructions!


This is a great idea - thank you for sharing it.


Just a wonderful idea,Very clever!


thanks for sharing this great little tute- I am awy to make a few.... bet you can't stop once your started

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